Our Money Management Service

Enable Money Management provides managed accounts for recipients of direct payments and other sources of health and social care funding.

Put simply, we hold money and make payments on behalf on individuals who require additional support with administering their health and social care funding.

Our service can be used to hold: Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds, Personal Budgets, Personal Health Budgets, Self-Funded Budgets, and Local Education Authority funding to name but a few.

With our Managed Accounts we take away the stress of managing these different funds and all the financial monitoring and reporting that goes alongside receiving them, whilst ensuring that all parties remain informed and that each person receiving funding remains in control every step of the way.

Our real-time systems allow transactions to be viewed at any time. Managing and arranging support and payments couldn’t be easier than with our new Money Management tools designed with everyone in mind.

Fully Managed Service

If you are receiving health and social care funding from your Local Authority we can manage this funding on your behalf. We can ensure you receive in and pay out the correct amounts and that your accounts balance. We will also make any and all reports on spending required by your Local Authority.

Pre-paid Cards

We also offer pre-paid cards. These are like bank cards that are preloaded with the money to pay for your care and they can be used just like any debit card. They will be reloaded every time your Local Authority releases funding for your care or every time you add your own funds. Using a reloadable pre-paid card ensures that you stay within budget and that you can check your balance easily any time you like.

Increasingly popular is a mix of managed account and using a pre-paid card. For example, you may wish us to fully manage payments relating to the employment of a Personal Assistant while you use a pre-paid card to pay for various clubs, centres and entrance fees on a day to day basis.

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